All in One COVID Preventive Kiosk...
All in One COVID Preventive Kiosk...

All in One COVID Preventive Kiosk Face Recognition + Temperature Detection + Auto Hand Sanitization

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Product Description- PC–T 10C is a highly customizable embedded Authentication Kiosk that runs on the Android 5.1 operating system, which supports various useful features. Face Recognition, Face Mask Detection, Temperature Testing & Sanitizer Dispensation are the few of many features that make it the best device to tackle the COVID 19 situation. The advanced Face Recognition feature allows the user to controlled access over the desired area. It can also restrict entries for those who are not wearing a face mask. It is capable of quickly and accurately test the temperature of the human body, and alarm when the temperature is too high. The Kiosk’s Automatic Sanitizer Dispensation feature allows the user to get sanitized before entering the premises. It can be used in an office building, examination halls, railways, banks, building industries, hotels, and other places where need identification. It is designed to help organizations to keep their premises safe & COVID 19 free. Features- 1. Superfast Body Temperature Measuring 2. Alarm Notification for Abnormal Temperature Detection 3. Superfast Face & Mask Recognition 4. Stranger Detection Facility 5. Touch-Free Attendance & Visitor Management System 6. Touch-free Hand sanitizer Dispenser 7. 10" HD LCD Display 8. Support mobile application and PC software which stores all the data

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