HUION 1060PLUS 10 x 6.25 Graphic Pen Tablet



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  • 10" x 6.25" - Active Area: The most Popular size of the Huion lines, Large and Comfortable to Draw on. Pen Pressure: With 2048 levels of Pressure Sensitivity, this Tablet can create Variations in Line Width and Opacity, which makes you feel as if you are Drawing with a Real Pen.
  • 2048 Level Pen Pressure Sensitivity (PPS), 5080 Lines Per Inch (LPI) Resolution and 233 Revolutions Per Second (RPS)
  • 12 Express Keys on the Side and 16 Soft Keys on the Top, all Customizable, , provides you a Plethora of ways to Tailor your Software Experience and raise your work Efficiency.
  • It comes with one built-in Card Reader which makes it more convenient for you to save your Artwork by using a 8GB MircoSD Card, can be extended to Maximum 64GB.
  • It is accompanied with a Rechargeable Pen which delivers all Digital Pens Functions like a Real Drawing Pen for Paper or a Wireless Mouse for PC. Recharged with only 1 hour, you can enjoy 800 hours of continuous Use

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