The Most Powerful Systems We’ve Ever Built

Centered around the unmatched performance of Intel's 12th Gen i9 K Series or AMD’s Threadripper Pro series, our Pro line up features the most robust and expansive systems we’ve ever built. Offering the best of both worlds, the system lineup delivers on the long sought-after goal of high-demand pro users: access to dramatic performance scaling across multiple cores without sacrificing single-thread performance for workloads that demand it.

We Know Your Time Is Money

The simulation results are due by end of day. The design review moved up two weeks. The shot needs to be rendered by one o’clock.

When your business needs to get the job done, moving the deadline isn’t an option. Artists, architects, and engineers require a highly expandable workstation platform that can deliver unmatched, reliable performance with enterprise-class security, manageability, and expandability. our our systems enable demanding professionals to get more done in less time.

Tailor Made For Your Workload

Whether you’re compiling code, recording voiceover, or rendering complex 3D scenes around the clock, each build is optimized and configured for your specific workload.

Our team of consultants have experience in film, animation, design, programming, modeling, game development, and more. We’re standing by to help solve whatever challenges you’re facing.

Quiet and Cool

High performance systems require high performance cooling.

Assembled with Noctua, NZXT and many more award-winning, best-in-class CPU coolers and case fans, every system runs effortlessly quiet and cool. Industrial high-density sound damping within the chassis further helps in reducing system noise and maintaining whisper-quiet operation, while maintaining optimal airflow, regardless of your workload.

PRO-AI based on your requirement

Shifu Workstation 5.0 - Golchha Computers

Shifu Workstation 5.0

Rs. 99,999.00
Shifu Workstation 3D

Shifu Workstation 3D

Rs. 149,999.00


Rs. 159,999.00