At Golchha Computers, we strive to bring in a new Trend to set based on the requirements created by YOU, the User. When it comes to understanding the requirements of Artificial Intelligence, 3D Rendering or Post Production, We at Golchha deliver safe, reliable, and highly versatile pre-built systems with DIY level customization options. These systems have been built by Professionals who belong to the Industry and understand what it takes to do the work, whether its Calculating Gigabytes of data, or Calculating the Light passing from a window with Raytraced Shadows enabled.
Latest Technology enabled for faster and better work force. If you can work tirelessly, so can these systems. Build to hep you give constant speed and reliability. We have created Multiple but limited builds that will help you achieve faster renderings and better calculation in your work.


The entire Collection of Builds that we have created for you consist of PCs that have amazing features not only for Production artists but even Production enthusiasts who want to Work at home ad be efficient Freelancers with Best Costing Efficient Builds and have a satisfaction with the Aesthetics and performance of our Builds.

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Choose from the wide variety of Builds that we have created just for your requirements.
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