Ant Esports View 511 LED 720P Native & 4K Support I 1200 Lumens I Remote Control I AV/HDMI/USB I Upto 120 Inch (305cm) Max Screen I Speaker Power 55W Multimedia Projector – Daisy White

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About this item

  • Enjoy movies in cinema quality indoors or outdoors: with a powerful brightness of 6500 lux and a resolution of 720p, our powerful outdoor projector offers +60% brightness compared to conventional projectors on the market, dynamic and multi-coloured, vibrant 720P HD projection image quality.
  • Unique high-tech design: our portable projector uses touch panels instead of small buttons on the top. This design makes this home theater projector look more tidy, modern and luxurious than others.
  • Wide Compatibility : The phone projector is fully compatible with TV boxes, Chromebooks, PCs, laptops, tablets, blue-ray DVD players, SD cards, USB flash drives, video games, media players (music, pictures, video, TXT).
  • The outdoor portable projector features touch panels instead of small buttons on its top, giving it a neater, more modern, and luxurious look compared to others. Its touch-control icons light up, making it easy to use in the dark. The high-tech design of this home theater projector makes it stand out from the rest.
  • This video projector is equipped with Audio/USB/HDMI ports, making it compatible with a range of devices such as phone, tablet, laptop, PC, headphone and speaker.

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