Logitech MX Keys & MX Master 3 Keyboard Mouse Combo

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    • Product 1: Perfect-Stroke Keys :Spherically dished keys match the shape of your fingertips, offering satisfying feedback with every tap. Each keystroke is fluid,fast and accurate with a distinct tactile response
    • Product 1: Comfort and Stability : Type with confidence on a slim flat keyboard crafted for comfort, stability and precision, as well as durability
    • Product 1: Smart Illumination : The keys light up the moment your hands approach. And the backlighting automatically adjusts to suit changing lighting conditions
    • Product 1: Flow Cross-Computer Control : MX Keys works across multiple computers in one fluid workflow. Seamlessly type, copy and paste across two computers
    • Product 2: Ultrafast magspeed scrolling - remarkable speed, precision and quietness of electromagnetic scrolling with the magspeed wheel - up to 90 Percent faster and 87 Percent more precise
    • Product 2: Comfort shape and intuitive controls - work comfortably with a ideally sculpted shape and ideally placed thumb wheel and controls. 3 Hours of use from 1 minute charge
    • Product 2: App-specific customisation - speed up your workflow by easily customising MX Master 3 to optimise every action for your specific workflow and the apps you use most
    • Product 2: Flow cross-computer control - work seamlessly on three computers, seamlessly transfer cursor, text and files between Windows and MacOS and desktop and laptop

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    Anil Kumar

    Logitech MX Keys & MX Master 3 Keyboard Mouse Combo

    Fabulous set and offer

    I was looking for a wireless keyboard-mouse set with rechargeable option and that too has too support my extensive work on Photoshop. The set is more than capable. High-Dpi mouse is an extremely capable one Keyboard is smooth as butter. These came with a added bonus from Golchha. The OFFER was too lucrative to resist. Great set overall. Good bargain provided by the Seller.

    Not that worthy for the money

    I know that this combo has tons of features but in a practical sense not much of that is really useful apart from the horizontal scrolling for certain apps. The keyboard is just a normal wireless keyboard with backlight and multi device switching.. again with multi device connectivity, the usb which comes with it works well rather than the bluetooth.. so again a flaw there with Bluetooth. It keeps disconnecting after some time. Tried with a windows laptop and macbook air. Same results. Best suggestion would be to just get a Dell combo with same specs at 5-6k. You would just miss the backlight and the metal body, but you will live and save 3 times the amount.