Ant Esports NC150 Ultra Slim and Sturdy Portable Laptop Cooling Pad

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Elevate your laptop's performance and comfort with the Ant Esports NC150 Notebook Cooler. Engineered to accommodate laptops of up to 15.6 inches in size, this cooling solution is a game-changer for your computing experience. With two efficient 125mm fans, it ensures that your laptop stays cool even during those demanding tasks or extended gaming sessions. The adjustable inclination height, featuring five different steps, empowers you to personalize your setup for ultimate ergonomic comfort.

But the Ant Esports NC150 doesn't stop at just cooling. It also enhances connectivity with two USB Type-A ports, making it a breeze to connect your accessories or peripherals. Additionally, it comes with a built-in mobile stand, allowing you to conveniently position your smartphone for easy access while you work or play.Safety is a top priority with the NC150, thanks to its anti-skid rubber pads on the feet and two secure locks that firmly hold your laptop in place, preventing any unwanted slips or mishaps. With the Ant Esports NC150 Notebook Cooler, you're not just investing in cooler temperatures; you're upgrading your entire laptop experience, optimizing performance, connectivity, and security.

  • Efficient Laptop Cooling: The Ant Esports NC150 notebook cooler is designed to keep your laptop running at optimal temperatures, making it compatible with laptops up to 15.6 inches in size. Equipped with two powerful 125mm fans, it provides effective heat dissipation, preventing your laptop from overheating during extended usage.
  • Adjustable Inclination: Enjoy customizable comfort with the NC150's adjustable inclination feature. With five different height settings, you can find the perfect angle that suits your needs and preferences, promoting a more ergonomic and comfortable working or gaming experience.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: This notebook cooler not only cools your laptop but also extends its connectivity options. Featuring two USB Type-A ports, you can easily connect additional peripherals or accessories without the need for extra adapters or hubs.
  • Built-In Mobile Stand: The NC150 comes with a built-in mobile stand that's perfect for propping up your smartphone or tablet. This added convenience ensures your mobile devices are within easy reach, making multitasking and productivity a breeze.
  • Stability and Security: With anti-skid rubber pads on its feet and two secure locks to hold your laptop in place, the NC150 ensures that your laptop stays put and stable. You can work or game with confidence, knowing that your laptop won't slip or fall down during use.