Audio-Technica AT2040 Hypercardioid Dynamic Podcast Microphone

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The AT2040 dynamic XLR microphone brings broadcast-quality, professional and crystal clear recording to podcasters, streamers, YouTubers and content creators alike.

Based on the bestselling BP40 broadcast microphone, the AT2040 features a multistage windscreen with nonwoven filter and high-quality foam mesh that provides excellent pop and hiss filtration. The integrated shock mount prevents unwanted noise and vibration that can be passed through even the best tripods and boom arms.

Enjoy outstanding audio without having to worry about background noise: this microphone’s unique design produces consistent audio quality at a close range without annoying pops, and the integrated shock mount further minimizes noises, shocks, or vibrations. Delivering excellent vocal isolation, multiple AT2040 mics can be used in close proximity without issue, so hosting podcast interviews or collaborations will require minimal post-production editing. Setup is quick and easy with the XLR output connecting to professional broadcast equipment or interfaces for Mac and PC. The dynamic design provides warm, rich, and professional-sounding vocals for content creators of all levels. 

The AT2040 dynamic mic offers professional-quality broadcast sound in an affordable package. Although designed for podcasting, the AT2040 can also be used for other content creation setups, such as live streaming, gaming, or doing voice-over work. 

This microphone’s large diaphragm element delivers smooth, natural sound, no matter the application. The special internal multistage windscreen (combining foam mesh and a nonwoven pop filter) paired with the hypercardioid polar pattern results in highly directional, tight pickup that reduces external noises while producing a warm, classic sound. The AT2040 podcast microphone makes it easy to record single or dual vocals while in the same room, so even when using two mics to record two-person podcasts, users will enjoy great audio pickup.  

So, whether you’re a beginner or professional podcaster, the Audio-Technica AT2040 Hypercardioid Dynamic Podcast Microphone is a great option for under €100. 

Included Accessories: The AT2040 comes complete with a pivoting stand mount, 5/8"-27 to 3/8"-16 threaded adapter, and a soft protective pouch.

Highly Directional Voice Capture

Professional Podcasting and Content Creation Microphone

The AT2040 is designed for the content creator: the bloggers, vloggers, podcasters and game streaming masters. At a pocket-friendly price, professional quality features include hypercardioid pattern for excellent directional voice isolation. This minimises background sound, hiss, pop and interference. 

If you’re recording with someone else, multiple AT2040 microphones can be set up without interference, isolating the voices of the individual speakers.

Hypercardioid Polar Pattern

Dynamic Microphone

Internal Shock Mount

Internal Pop Filter


Clean Articulation

Japanese Engineering with Creators in Mind

A combination of 21st century technology and over half a century of Japanese audio engineering, the AT2040 has been created to bring professional-level audio capturing to anyone looking to explore the world of sound recording. Whether it’s voiceovers, podcasting, streaming or any other type of content creation you can think of, the AT2040 dynamic XLR microphone is designed around you and your budget.

Quiet, Professional Performance

Rugged Build, Delicate Sound

The AT2040 is built with an all-metal construction and is designed to last. Alongside its rugged and transport-friendly body is a built-in, multi-stage windscreen and anti-vibration shock mount. This blend of tough construction and detailed design allows for the full experience of the Audio-Technica professional, signature sound. 


Basic Dynamic Microphone Characteristics

Why Choose a Dynamic Over a Condenser?

Dynamic Mic Characteristics

  • Minimizes room noise – perfect for sonically untreated rooms
  • Smooth audio capture with classic warm broadcast sound
  • Robust construction with no external power requirements

Condenser Mic Characteristics

  • Extremely sensitive – picks up the subtlest sounds in any environment
  • Very articulate audio with a detailed high-frequency capture
  • Requires external power to operate (phantom or battery)

Understanding How a Dynamic Microphone Captures Sound

How Does a Dynamic Mic Work?

Dynamic microphones use a diaphragm (1) connected to a coil of wire (2) that surrounds a magnet (3).

The diaphragm is moved by changing sound pressure. This moves the coil, which causes current to flow as it moves through the magnetic field. An electrical signal is then sent to your recording device or speakers which records or amplifies the audio.

Dynamic microphones are extremely durable and can handle very high sound pressure levels (SPL).