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Takes it to the skies with the Next Level Racing® Flight Simulator Boeing Military Edition, our first flight dedicated cockpit designed specifically for the aviation community in collaboration with The Boeing Company. Branded in Boeing components like the military inspired green canvas seat covering and Military Green highlights, the Boeing community can now interact with a flight a cockpit that is inspired by a military Boeing flight cockpit. The Next Level Racing® Flight Boeing Military Edition Cockpit offers a wide range of configurations to suit different class of flight, including Combat, Space, Commercial, and General Aviation. The Flight Simulator Boeing Military Edition Cockpit is compatible with a wide range of electronics such as yokes, joysticks, and throttles for all major brands. Staying true to the military cockpit, the joystick can be directly attached between the user’s legs for an authentic combat flight experience. With a growing ecosystem of flight accessories by Next Level Racing®, the flight community can expect a solution that is suited for flight simulation. The Next Level Racing® Flight Simulator Boeing Military Cockpit is designed to be compatible with the Thrustmaster® TCA Yoke Pack Boeing Edition directly mounted to the cockpit with a true positioning of the peripheral for the most realistic flight simulation experience. 


The Next Level Racing Flight Simulator Boeing Military Edition cockpit has been specifically designed and developed with flight users in mind. The Flight Simulator is the first flight cockpit that allows different flight configurations all in one station. With different components included with the Flight Simulator, the flight user can create a commercial flight configuration by attaching a wide range of yokes, rudders, and throttles directly to the cockpit. A military configuration is possible with a unique cut-out design of the seat to attach the Hotas center stick directly to the middle plate, providing a true-to-life combat experience. For general aviation, several adaptor plates are provided to ensure cross compatibility of electronics on the market to be attached directly to the cockpit. Space users can utilize the included Keyboard and Mouse tray to attach the two joysticks and have their keyboard and mouse within reach for the most reactive gaming experience. Based on the user’s flight configuration, the Keyboard Support mounting location can be directly attached to the cockpit in multiple locations. *The Next Level Racing® Flight Simulator Boeing Military Edition Cockpit is designed to have the Thrustmaster® TCA Yoke Pack Boeing Edition directly mounted to the cockpit with a true positioning of the peripheral for the most realistic flight simulation experience. 


Built to suit different users, the Flight Simulator Boeing Military Edition boast a wide range of adjustments. In different categories of flight, the Flight Simulator cockpit provides adjustability in different components like the side arms with lateral adjustment of 300mm, and height adjustment of 75mm to get the perfect flight ergonomics for the user. The Centre Pole of the flight simulator offers a 150mm height adjustment for the position of the Yoke or the keyboard tray accessory. For Military and helicopter users, the Hotas center pole allows a 30mm range of height adjustment to ensure the right positioning for different size users. Several components like the flight arm, and rudder plate offer a maximum of 21.5 degrees angle adjustment to also tune in the user’s preferred positioning. The Flight Simulator cockpit’s seat comes with an attached seat slider and reclining backrest for quick distance and angle adjustments to cater to different size users. 


The Next Level Racing® Flight Simulator Boeing Military Edition enables the Boeing community to interact with a brand they love and engage with the growing community of flight simulation. The seat is covered with a military inspired green canvas fabric to resemble a Boeing military flight cockpit and provide a comfortable flight experience during combat. For a visual brand experience, the Boeing logo is embroidered on the back of the flight seat, laser etched on the side panels, and military green highlights have been added. Finally, Next Level Racing® has collaborated with Thrustmaster® to ensure seamless compatibility with the Thrustmaster® TCA Yoke Pack Boeing Edition for a Boeing inspired Commercial Flight deck experience. With the Boeing Edition cockpits, users can experience the different categories of aviation ranging from Commercial, Military, General Aviation, and Space. 


Over the years, Next Level Racing® has engineered flight solutions for some of the most serious applications on the planet. We are proud to have supplied flight cockpits to NASA®, Bristol University Department of Aerospace Engineering, Australian & British Air Force Cadets, Saitek®, Oshkosh Air Show, European Pilot of the year James Moon and many more. Collaborating with the leading aircraft manufacturer, Boeing, users can interact with two officially Boeing licensed products- Military Boeing Edition and Commercial Boeing Edition. Next Level Racing® is excited to transfer its advancements in manufacturing processes and innovations from the existing racing simulators to the flight simulation industry. 


Whether in combat or over the Atlantic Ocean for a long haul, the flight simulator fully dedicated flight seat offers a wide range of features for added comfort. Constructed with High-density foam to support the user for long hours of flight. A combination of PU Leather and canvas seat covering is used for the base and the backrest of the seat to ensure breathability and longevity of the seat during flight simulation. The unique design of the seat provides a double recliner for added strength and fine-tuning angles to suit a wide range of users. The Fight Simulator Seat has been ergonomically positioned to sit at a higher distance for positioning the user over flight rudders. The dedicated Flight Simulator seat also provides a unit cut out design to ensure the best position of Joystick between the legs for combat flight 


  • Dedicated flight cockpit for maximum simulation immersion
  • Official licensed product of The Boeing Company
  • Inspired Boeing inspired components like green canvas seat covering and military green highlights
  • Suited for Combat flight, General Aviation, Commercial flight, and Space Exploration users
  • Compatible with flight electronics such as yokes, joysticks, rudders, and throttles for all major brands
  • Wide range of adjustments to tailor your flight experience
  • Includes keyboard and mouse support for easy navigation with custom Next Level Racing® keyboard and mouse pads
  • Compatible with Thrustmaster® / Logitech / Saitek® / Honeycomb/ Virtual Fly/ Crosswind and other flight accessory brands
  • Includes Buttkicker® Adaptor, Next Level Racing® Four-point harness, and Lumber Support
  • Motion Compatible with added accessories**
  • **To make the Next Level Racing® Flight Simulator Cockpit range motion compatible, users will require the Next Level Racing® Motion Plus Platform Adaptor.